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Dr. Larry K. (Missouri). (Missouri)

I am so thankful that there are those who have gone before me and documented everything that works and everything that does not work. The development of a "system" based on proven successes has saved me a tremendous about of time. I am able to free my mind and follow the system effortlessly (similar to a car GPS navigation system) and get from point "A" to point "B"

Brad M. (Kansas)

As you know I am new to network marketing. I am learning this new business with eagerness and an open mind. You have played a significant role in the learning process by mentoring me and my fellow colleagues. I am impressed by your compassion for others as you assist each person to achieve success. Thanks for your friendship and leadership!

Martez C. (California)

Mr Rand has exemplified what it takes to get to the next level, and how to master the mind set of being the next leader, and how standing strong and never giving up will take you a long ways. These things alone are what inspire me to keep going and im proud to have him as my mentor.

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