Warm Market Secret #2

Previously I spoke about two ways of generating leads in the warm market. The first way of generating leads from your warm market was by simply using a memory jogger. The second way which is probably even more effective will make sense once you realize there everyone falls into one of two categories. What are those categories?

Your warm market and everyone elses warm market! Quick grab a pen! Be coachable here, one of the key ingredients to having success is your ability to be coachable. Write down the names of six people you have been meaning to approach about your product or opportunity. (Go ahead, its just you and a computer screen)

Now here is what you are going to do with those six names to generate leads. You are going to call up each of these six people and ask them if they can give you the names of six people that may be interested in your product or service. Now don’t worry only 1 of 3 things will happen here.

1) They will give you some referrals. some of you may only get one or two, others will get the six asked for. Some of you will hit the mother load and be offered up the entire rolodex. How cool is that!

2) They will tell you they don’t know anyone interested in your product or service. Ouch! Thats ok, if you get this alot there is either something wrong with your approach or something isn’t practical about the product you are offering. I mean it IS possible that if you are selling $7 candy bars just like the one I can get at the corner gas station for .33 cents that I probably don’t know anyone that would be interested.

3) They will express personal interest. Often when asking for referrals the person will recognize that what you are offering would benefit them more than anyone else they know. This is very common and was the most effective way for me to get appointments when I was going through my own warm market.

Now if you are lucky enough to go 6 of 6 you will have 36 BRAND NEW warm market leads to talk to. Better yet, you will have a name( their warm market) to drop when you are calling these contact.

I know a lady who was able to acquire over 100 new customers in less than 2 weeks by using this referral method of generating leads. If she can do it, you can too!

Good luck and happy prospecting!


Michael Rand

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