Top Reasons for getting a domain name and 6 things to consider when picking

I’m amazed at how many people that do business online that STILL do not have their own domain name. If you are promoting a replicated site provided by your company or affiliate program you could be losing tons of traffic by people who are simply “getting lost” trying to find your website.

Think about this, someone has just asked you for the website of your online store and now you have to give them something like or how about or . Which would be easier for you to remember, more importantly which would be easier for your clients to remember?

Another great thing having a domain name does is it protects you from people who aren’t as good at using the internet. Imagine how many times people end up on the wrong webpage because they have typed the web address in the “search” window instead of the “address bar”.
Those are a few things to consider for those of you promoting companies with replicated sites or affiliate programs. Here are 3 more good reasons.

1) You get to brand “You Inc”
2) Makes it easier for your customers to find your website
3) Makes it easier for your customers to remember your website for return visits

  • Some popular sites for domain name registration for under $10 are and Yahoo Small business. Both have their perks but I’ve recently found myself getting most of my domain names from, due to ease of use and simpler add-ons.

Six other points to consider when choosing your domain name.


  • Use a bunch of numbers in your domain name, especially if they won’t mean anything to anyone other than you. (ie: Rep ID Numbers)

  • Use a name that is hard to spell or that phonetically might not be easy to type.
  • Use a name that is copyrighted. It probably won’t be worth the headache if they sick their high-priced fancy lawyers on you.

  • Make sure your domain name is one that people will associate with you or whatever you are marketing.

  • Think about securing .com, .net and .info. The more you can secure your brand name the better.

  • Avoid getting a .net if someone else already has the .com. In some cases this may work in your favor, but in most you will simply lose good traffic to someone whose name is just going to be more easily remembered because most people think of .com first.

Finally, buying your first domain name may seem like a really big deal, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember they are cheap and you should not be paying more than $10 for one year for only a domain name. So buy many, buy often get one for each of your products if you want, get one for each of your companies and certainly don’t be afraid to get one to start branding you.
I look forward to hearing about some of the new domain names you guys are using.

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