Increasing your warm market list

Warm-Market-ListIncreasing your warm market list is essential to building stability in a network marketing business. While building a distributor base can be done many ways, building a stable base of customers will usually come from your warm market.

Who is this warm market? Well outside of the obvious of friends and family. I think there are two other warm markets that are often neglected. The first being casual acquaintances and people you already do business with.

If you have a business, product, or service that you are excited about why would you not share it with people you currently do business on a regular basis. You have been going to the same cleaners, beautician, insurance agent, baby-sitter for years. If you were to go down the yellow pages you could probably identify someone you know in each of the categories listed. Supporting them in their business often because of a referral someone else gave you as a reason for patronizing them. Guess what, time to allow them to return the favor.

Don’t feel bad about asking for their business because after all if you can do business with them, why can’t they do business with you? Think about it.

Next time we’ll cover a second way to grow out your warm market list.

til the next time


Michael Rand

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