I Will Win!

Several years back I heard this from one of my mentors.  It has been mantra if you will ever since.  I share this with you in the hopes that it will inspire you as it has done for me!






The die has been cast. I’ve stepped over the line.

The decision has been done, the destiny’s been determined.
I will no longer vacillate. I will no longer vacate.
I will no longer listen to, listen at or listen in on losing.

I will not be defeated, dejected, diluted or detoured.
I will no longer navigate with the needle of negativity.
The direction’s been decided, the trail to be tried.
The destiny directed, the future forged.

I will not be pulled on, pulled in, pulled down or pulled out.
I won’t back up, back down or back away or back off.
I won’t give in, give out or even give way to defeat.
I no longer will meander in the maze of mediocrity.
I will no longer conform to the cancer of CAN’T.
I now will confirm the condition of CAN.

I will probe the possibilities, pick the probabilities.
I will focus on the fire and heat it even hotter.
I will never give up, let up, set up or shut up on success.
I am reaching for the ring, pulling on the power.

I’ve quit wishing, hoping, wasting, and whining.
I now will aggressively gear into the word GO. …and I am determined to
dare to do till I drop.
I will withstand the whining winds of defeat.
And I will be powerfully persistent, consistent, and insistent to get out of life
what I truly deserve.

Because I am willing. I am ready and I am worthy. …and I understand the
only defeat is from within.

I now know that beyond any shadow of the cloud of doubt, there is no
shadow, there is no cloud, and there is no doubt… I WILL WIN!


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