How bad do you want it?


The video above is one of my all time favorites. In all my years of business the thing that it always has come down to for determining someones success has always been ONE simple thing.

No its not listing your goals or who just went through the numbers. Its never been just about the product or the company or the team. The one thing that it seems to always come down to is “how bad do you want it”.

At the end of the day are you pursuing something because of what you want it to do for you or are you doing something because you “gotta”. For those of you who don’t quite understand “gotta”. Let me paint a picture….

Some people go to work everyday because they need to pay bills and they like the house and neighborhood they live in. Some people “gotta” work because they are trying to pay for the medicine their ill spouse needs to survive. Some people start a home based business because they would like to change their life while other people “gotta” make their home based business work because they can’t spend another day in corporate America, or they can’t stand the thought of missing another kids b-day at work or they don’t want to lose the love of their life because they are stuck working the hours their boss has dictated.

See when you are working on something and your attitude isn’t non-negotiable, meaning you’ve already thought about what else you can do in case this venture doesn’t work out to me that means that you are not completely committed to your own cause. To me you are merely INVOLVED. See there is a HUGE difference between being committed and being involved, just ask the chicken who is INVOLVED in bringing eggs  for breakfast vs the PIG who has made a much larger committment in supplying the bacon.

When you commit, I mean really commit, to your goals and dreams to the point when you need it two work like you need oxygen to breathe then, and only then you will see the massive breakthrough in your business that you’ve been working for.

So today, take a look at yourself…..turn your shoulds into musts…..your wants into NEEDS…..turn your “like to’s” into “GOTTAs” and claim the life that you deserve.

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