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The best time for MLM recruiting is here!! 


I absolutely love Prime Recruiting Season.

Hopefully, as of Tuesday you are off and running! The next 100 days should be among your most profitable in your networking businessthis year.

Hopefully you have recreated your prospecting list, dusted off all those old follow up lists, and relocated all those people that you haven’t collected a decision from over the past 6 months.
NOW is the time to take MASSIVE ALL OUT ACTION, not later this month , not next week…NOW!

The next few months will come and go before you know it, but if you figure out a way to get 5 new people a day to look at your information 5 days a week you will be exposing about 25 new people a week.

Thats 100 new people this month! Now do you think if you expose 100 new people to your opportunity this month that you might change your pin level?!?

MLM Tip and Insider Secret for this best time for MLM Recruiting.

Even more powerful, if your team duplicates what you are doing do you understand how quickly you can go into momentum? Do you have ANY IDEA?!?

Look, even if you just have a team of 4 people and you include yourself and you focus on 5 a day for 5 days a week for the next 100 days you realize that you will be exposing 500 prospects per month!

Thats 1500 prospects reviewing your opportunity over that 100 day blitz!
WOW! 1500 exposures! Even if we got a 10% close ratio we’re talking about 150 brand new business partners added to YOUR organization.

Sounds like a lot of work? It is, but your job as a leader is to “DEMONSTRATE WHATS POSSIBLE!” I can promise you this, if you can work hard and be focused over this prime recruiting season you can a holiday season to remember!

You have the ability to obtain all that you want and more through your network marketing business, but its going to take focus and work. Ask your self one simple question.

“If my team did what I did today, how much money would I have made”

I’ll leave you with that thought.

This is the best time for mlm recruiting.  I hope you have a very productive 100 days, I know I will!

See you at the top.

Mike Rand

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