247 Marketing now Marketing 5Linx!!

I finally have taken the time to get back around to announcing that the 247 Marketing Team has recently started promoting the 5Linx opportunity.

I will still be writing articles on general training tips that anyone in marketing should find useful but as every smart marketer knows we should always take advantage of every medium we have for exposure.

A little about the 5Linx opportunity!

5Linx is basically a multiservice provider. Through 5Linx we are able to market great deals on items such as Satellite T.V. , Cell Phones, Broadband Internet, and Discount Medical savings cards through household names such as Road Runner, Dish Network., Sprint, T-Mobile and ATT just to name a few.

The product that really has us excited is the Globalinx product line. With Residential Phone plands starting at$24.95 per/mo or Annual Plan of $199 for the year its really something to get excited about.

Some of the hardware offered is the Video Phone by Globalinx as well as the Linxsys Wi-Fi phone. These two products show the companies committment to staying on the cutting edge of technology!

Anyway thats all for now, I’ve included a few pics of the 5Linx video phone and the WiFi phone being offered!

Until the next time,


Michael Rand




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