10 New Years Resolutions Musts

New Year Resolutions to help you rock your home based businessNew year, means an opportunity to have a fresh start.  Here are some resolutions to help you have an unforgettable year!



1) Ignore the chatter or use it to fuel you – Don’t let your haters derail your beliefs.  Either they are going to be right or you are.

2) Set goals – You can’t hit something  if you don’t know what you are aiming at.  Goals with deadlines will help you switch from being busy to being productive.

3) Get a game plan – The old addage, “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” is as true as it gets.  Put a game plan on HOW you can achieve your goals.

4) Get organized –  DMO – Daily Method of Operations.  You need one…figure it out and stick to it!

5) Start feeding your brain – You become what you feed yourself.  Motivation, ideas and focus can all be cultivated and nurtured by what you listen to, read and watch.  Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to this activity and watch your results grow exponentially.

6) Learn some new skills – Face it everything you know has you where you are today.  To do, be and have more you are going to have to pick up some new skill sets.  Communication, time management, leadership are soft skills we can all get better at. Marketing, Sales and Lead Generation are a must for anyone responsible for a business.

7) Be more patient, be more persistent – Begin with the end in mind.  Remember that you are going to have good days and bad days in your business just like you do in your relationships, you finances and your spirituality.  Don’t freak out when it happens in your business too.  When you have tough day and you contemplate taking your foot off the gas, remember “WHY” you got started to being with.  Anything that is significant takes time to build.

8) Get committed – To advance your business to the next level you are going to have an increased commitment level.  This commitment level will mean your life will be out of balance for a season.  Save yourself a headache and share this in advance with the people you care about.  You will need their support to see it through.

9) Listen more – Don’t just listen more, listen with empathy.  Too many time people want to impose their thought process on other people.  To understand the people you will need to be successful ( partners, customers or investors) you will need to get great at listening to what they need.   Ask yourself this, how can you really provide a solution if you don’t take the time to hear the problem from their perspective.

10) Be more fit – Walk more, eat better, lift weights!  My mom said this to me this past weekend.  “What’s the point of securing a future if you arent’ going to be around to enjoy it”  Take it a step farther.  You are going to be in a fight…a fight for you freedom and you will need to be physically ready if you want to win.

What other resolutions do you have for this year?
Let’s make this year everything that last year was supposed to be!
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