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Who Is Mike Rand?

Who is Mike Rand? Engineer turned Marketing professional. I started out in Engineering because I was told that’s where the money was. The money was pretty good but I was definitely living an unfulfilled life of quiet desperation. Not sure what to do I was fortunate enough to be introduced to some entrepreneurs who took me under their wing at taught me some basic wealth principles that I have been living by ever since. It’s funny, 17 years of formal education and all it taught me was how to get a job, but nobody taught me how to get rich.

If I could only share one thing about me it would be that I'm stubborn to a fault. See I refuse to do the same things that the masses have always done because I do not like the results they have always delivered. Instead I have followed a proven success system which I now coach, mentor & encourage others to do on a daily basis. Aside from that I'm a huge family man, who loves bowling and college sports.

The best thing about having my own business is my commute to work is 2 minutes :-) and I can check my global business from my home office. I’m still amazed to find myself in a situation where by the age of 27 I no longer was living pay check to pay check. Today I am able to travel the world and spend more time doing what I WANT to do instead of in the past doing what I NEEDED to do. There is definitely a big difference in surviving and living.

For me, it all started when a 19 year old kid asked me “would I be open to an additional stream of income" my answer was "sure, why not?" At that time in my life I was an engineer making more money than I ever had before yet I was still struggling financially. I found myself accumulating debt faster than money. My first exposure to the information left me very cautious because you hear about "these things" all the time so I was skeptical. The speaker stated 2 key phrases in his speech to the audience. The first was "I know some people with more degrees than a thermometer but what good is it if you're still living paycheck to paycheck?" The second was “it’s always better to be at the right place at the right time than it is to be smart." It made common sense to me so I made a decision to get started and the rest is history. I know with laser like FOCUS, Strong WORK ETHIC, DESIRE for change & COMMITTMENT tied in with a good mentor/coach that you can achieve everything you and your family deserve. Fill out the form and learn more about a vehicle that has helped thousands to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM!


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