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Hi, thanks for stopping by. Take some time to check out my page. I’ve had this put together to give you an idea about who Mike Rand is. Hopefully you can find a new friend, maybe a new business partner and in some cases a mentor. 

I have been blessed to have had many different life experiences. I hope that some of those experiences can either shorten the distance on your journey or maybe help you lessen the pains that you will need to GROW through in order to get whatever it is you want out of life. 

I've worked hard over the years to be a positive example. We live in a society where seeing is believing, not understanding that you have to believe it before you can see it. So for those people I live life with the intent of Demonstrating What's Possible so that people can understand that they truly can live life without boundaries. 

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Mike Rand
"Demonstrating what’s possible…” 

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